A Look At Other Lucrative Options In The Field!

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Individuals often mistake or misunderstand being a pilot to be the only option while studying aeronautics. Contrary to common knowledge, there are many other options to explore in the aviation field. Though the known option is being a pilot, other career opportunities include being a flight instructor, or even in the fields of government, corporate and voluntary works.

So here’s what you can be other than pilot:

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Flight Instructor

Being a flight instructor in an institute requires certain skills and qualifications. More importantly, the job involves making the students understand the various aspects and dynamics of the field. Hence, the flight instructor has to possess the ability to create a rapport with his students. The career of a flight instructor offers a decent pay scale which will enable you to live a modest life. However, the pay may not be as good as the income available in other alternative flight professions. Most individuals consider this profession after their tenure as a pilot. Universities look forward to hiring ex-pilots with considerable experience as they can give better practical advices and tips.

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A flying career in the government sector is considered to be a full-fledged or full-time career. It offers a very good pay scale and 40 hours of working in a week. It involves working with the Department of Transportation, Military, Forest Service and even the FAA. It is a stable career option. While other alternatives may seem a little monotonous, a job in the government means flying for national defense missions, airspace, and even inspections of equipment.

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Flying for corporate organizations is the best way to make good money in the industry. Though the income is better than the most, if you have a family or if you are an individual who likes to have a balanced life, this may not be the best option. It includes putting in a lot of odd hours and you are on call at all times.


Charitable Organisation

Under this option, you can find individuals working on a voluntary basis as well. Here, pilots need to have a little sympathetic approach and must be specialized in handling difficult issues at unexpected periods of time. The job involves transporting health patients to different medical locations and so on.