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Flight training and becoming a pilot is no doubt an expensive course that not many can afford. Depending on the location of training, the quality of instruction and how fast the course is completed, the course can cost you somewhere from $4000 to $15000. However, there are certain scholarships available that you can take help from. They are as follows:

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1) EAA Young Eagles

The scholarships are provided to students who are enthusiastic about learning all about aviation. The Experimental Aircraft Association Young Eagles program provides scholarship to pre and post high school students looking forward to building a career in aviation.

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2) Women In Aviation

They provide scholarships for both men and women in different training programs ranging from initial flight training to airline transport training. In collaboration with various airlines, they have also offered type rating scholarships to deserving candidates in the past along with job offers to qualified candidates. They provide scholarship for both, collegiate as well as non-collegiate candidates.

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3) AOPA Scholarships

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association supplies scholarships to various deserving candidates earning recreational, sport or private pilot license. The determining factors to gain a scholarship are the merit, goals, and determination towards flight training. The number of scholarships given every year is different but the amount is somewhere between $3000 and $5000.

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The National Business Aviation Association is a big name in the aviation industry. They provide a minimum of one scholarship to student/s interested in building their career in aviation. The choice may be in the field of business aviation or general aviation. These are provided to students who are in college and the candidate must qualify the criteria.

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5) The 99s

This is an international association of women pilots that provides scholarship and help to fellow aspirants looking forward to building a career in aviation. There are 5 different categories of scholarships that one can apply for. They have been providing scholarships since 1949.

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6) National Gay Pilot Association

This association provides scholarships to people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and the transgender community. It is with their scholarships that people get a chance to explore their talent and see the scope in the aviation industry. Works as a great equalizer and opportunity creator. Scholarships are between $3000 and $6000 depending on the type of funding available.

You can find a number of scholarships available for the minority communities too. You can contact a flight school to gain more information about this if needed. All the best.