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This is a common and conflicted question when one is considering a career in aviation. Being a part of a university means taking advantage of the numerous facilities; however, it is also a costly affair. So information on its specific pros and cons will assist you in making the right decision.


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1. Avant-garde and Technologically-advanced Equipment

Unlike local schools, to offer students the best training possible, universities make use of the latest and technologically advanced equipment. The best planes and simulators are used for the training purposes including all the latest on board technologies like GPS etc. All this will assist in better comprehension of the subject.

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2. Easily Adaptable

It is easier to adapt in an atmosphere surrounded by like-minded individuals. Since your peers have similar goals as yours, it makes it easier to build formidable companionships and to adapt to the surroundings. This way you can focus more on your goal and learn in a better way.

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3. Qualified Instructors

An acclaimed university will possess highly qualified instructors and professors who will give the required training in the most appropriate manner. As the staff usually comprises of retired aviation pilots or experts in the field, the student will have a formidable base. Not just that, they will also receive useful tips which will prove very useful later in their career.

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4. Expanding Contacts

Since you have a whole university studying similar subjects like you, you can expand your connections. Since the aviation industry is not very vast, you can network with pilots, students, ex-pilots, and so on.

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5. Job Placement

As universities usually affiliate with airlines, there is a bigger possibility of landing on a job at the right time. This is because airlines presume that the student is well trained. Also, being in a university will allow you to get the required internships far easily.


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1. It Is Not An Economical Option

The number of facilities that a university offers you, the packages offered are quite on the expensive side. It is not just the education fee, if your university is located in a different location, then the cost of residence is also added up. Along with this, the tuition fee is also to be considered.

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2. No Space For A Plan B

If you are enrolled in a university, there will be no time to develop a plan B. That is if you decide to switch career in near future, it will be difficult to land on a job.

Joining an aviation university has its own pros and cons but it all depends on the student’s preferences. If his or her decision is final about being a pilot then a university might hit the preference list. But if it is still unsure, then joining a local school should be considered.