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If you plan on covering more at a fast track then surely you might be aiming for the multi-engine rating as a pilot. It is one of the most expensive pilot training programs but arguably the most fun ones too! If a professional pilot is now looking forward to joining the airlines then this is the way to go. Also, as the applicant happens to be either private or commercial pilot, they already know a good deal about the basics and now it is time to take it a step higher.

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1) Eligibility Criteria

Only those holding a pilot license can apply to this. Now you just need the required training to understand the multi-engines, that’s all.

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2) The Good News: No Examination

There is no particular written exam by the FAA for this particular thing. You’ll just have to learn more about the multi-engines and how they function. This all needs to be done before the final check-ride that you will take; however, if you are a private pilot then you will have to give the written knowledge exam consisting of 60 questions in 2.5 hours.

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3) Start With The Flying

With a new engine set to handle, you will have to learn about the aircraft limitations, a good insight into its performance, spin awareness, single-engine operation, new maneuverer and what not. There is so much new for you to learn and explore which you also need to master practically. For this, you will have to find an able instructors.

Now this experienced instructors will be guiding you about everything you need to know about the multi-engine system. You have to keep up with the pace and master it all.

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4) The Final Check-ride

Just like any other pilot certification exam, you will have to go for the final check-ride which will decide whether you get the multi-engine rating or not. Take this test only when you are very sure about your theory and practical prowess. Also, make sure to have all your documents in order for the submission. It’s time to test your potential for one step higher!