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Getting a job at the airlines is the most coveted position a pilot can ask for given the salary stature and the reliability of the income. Surely, you would have wondered about how much it costs to train for the airlines and what does the paycheck look like. Today, we are going to fill you in on the juicy details. As of 2017, the median salary for pilots was somewhere around $78000. The minimum salary being around $42k and the maximum somewhere around $150k. This pay difference has various factors affecting the same. The difference between pay is because of the following reasons:

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1) Experience Level

This is definitely the defining factor that allows one to make progress with the experience they gain. Also, with experience and seniority come added amenities like a better lifestyle. One can schedule the type of flights they would like to fly and also the days and timings in which they prefer to work. All this comes with time. Looking at the bigger picture helps.

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2) State Of The Aviation Industry

With increasing airfare prices among various other factors affecting the aviation industry, your paycheck does depend on the type of airlines that you work at. You’ll make as good as the airlines make and hence if you are looking for a secure and fat cheque then you should only work with renowned brands. Looks good on your CV and gives you the job security too.

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3) Other Factors Affecting The Salary Are:

Working for regional vs major airlines always comes with a wide gap in the paycheck. Surely, with regional airlines, the flight hours are less and you get to stay and commute from your home while the major airlines provide you with the opportunity to explore the world.

The captain and the First Officer also have a distinctive difference in their salary amount.

The amount of time you have been working with particular airlines does affect your paycheck. So yeah, if you are at a good place then go for the long haul and make it good in numbers too.

The minimum number of monthly hours varies from 50-80 depending on the type of airlines you work for and hence the salary.

As you can see, the difference in salaries is affected by various factors so keep everything in mind before investing in for a career in aviation.