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It is often said that you are what you read. Surely, at some point of time in your life you would have come across a book that talked about aviation and how things fly, this caught your interest and you decided to pick this up as a hobby or sport or maybe you are in the process of taking it to the next level and becoming a commercial pilot. Well, today we would like to talk about and recommend some good books that will help you during the private pilot training program and also guide you doing the same.

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1) Weather Book

Before you set your sight on the exploration of the sky, it is essential that you understand its mood. The weather book will help you get accustomed to different types of codes. Especially when one plans for cross-country flying, it is essential that you understand their weather report too. This will be helpful in the long run.

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2) Private Pilot Manual Book

This will be provided to you by your instructor and it is better that both of you refer to the same book. However, if you feel like exploring more than what’s in the syllabus then you can start your quest with Guided flight discovery and private pilot.

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3) The Core Book: FAR/AIM

Federal aviation regulations and aeronautical information manual are the two core books that every wannabe pilot needs to be thorough with. The regulations mentioned here are important enough to be remembered in memory and hence if you start early you will definitely have a better advantage and better chance of getting through with it. A digital copy of the same is also available.

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4) The Syllabus and The Training Guide

You need to have a clear idea about the syllabus and everything that is involved in the course of learning. Your instructor will also be tracking your progress on regular intervals; you must talk to your instructor about the same to understand where you are standing and what you need to work on. They will provide you with a training outline and also a syllabus covering everything that you need to know.

Going through previous FAA written test papers and model papers is another way of preparing for the final written exam as it allows you to have a clear idea about what to expect in the examination. All the best.