Some Not So Important Things That Are Worth Considering!

At your place of work, everything you engage in is not a textbook study. This applies to all degrees and courses you’ve ever taken especially airline. It’s a good thing to be well-versed with your textbooks and papers; however, it is not that sufficient. Unsaid and usually least important parts of getting a pilot job should be noted because these are those things that are often ignored but their knowledge can make a big difference in achieving your flying goals. This also includes your relation with your PNFs and PFs, briefing skills, and so much more.

• Good communication skills and coordination with your PNF or PF

Whilst the simulator part of your test, just good flying skills doesn’t guarantee your seat in one of the good airlines. This is why usually people take a course named MCC in which you learn how to behave in a multi-crew environment. So during the test when you are the PNF, assist your PF in every possible way and while given the role of a PF, engage your PNF in some task as well. In airlines, you should know how to handle your team. Otherwise, this could cause havoc in your time of flying. Hence, a good display of crew resource management plays an important part in this as well.

• Airline etiquettes

The showcase of good etiquettes has equal importance in both the air as well as on the ground. This indicates that not just your literary and technical knowledge is observed but also how you can deal with people in an environment.

• Grasping of technical information

f you have given your airline exam just for the sake of giving, without any proper understanding, then you are definitely in big trouble. Your ATPL exam concepts’ understanding plays a crucial role in your tests. You can relearn all these concepts through online books and guides as well. So be sure to revise all the technical details you have studied prior.

• Preparing for your briefings

There are two types of briefings you will see, the assessors and your own. During the assessor’s briefing session, it is vital that you pay close attention to it as they will disclose important information. But during your own briefings, since you will mostly be paired with someone who is not of your acquaintance, you have to work on being well-versed with the brief. Not just that sureness also plays a key role.