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Some pursue a personal pilot license for a hobby while some seek it out for the horizon’s sport. While some also enjoying flying their own aircraft and the leisure of visiting places in the same with friends and family. Whatever may be the reason, the goal always remains the same – exploring the horizon. In the process, a pilot learns to navigate small aircraft, the required maneuverer, and certain emergency procedures too.

So here are the steps for becoming a private pilot:

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1) Make sure that you are eligible

A private pilot needs to be at least 17 years of age, should know how to read and converse well in English along with taking a written and physical exam at the end of the training in order to become eligible for certification.

2) Obtaining the student pilot certificate

This part involves enrolling yourself into a flight school and gaining the required expertise to handle an aircraft. You will start with understanding the basics and the theoretical part of aviation followed by flight simulation programs. Once you have gained enough experience, you will be given flight training by your mentor. A person who gains the required flying hours and passes the final written test will be eligible for a certificate.

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3) Clearing the aviation medical exam

If you do not clear this stage then you will not get a certification which means that this should be high on your checklist. Once you clear the third-class aviation medical exam then you can focus on other aspects of the training.

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4) Get yourself an instructor and start flying

If you don’t have an instructor already then it is high time that you start looking for one. There are a specific number of flight hours to be gained before you even become eligible for the final certification examination. Being steadfast about getting the license on time will definitely help you.

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5) The FAA exam

This written test has to be completed before you take the final practical exam. This marks your eligibility to do the same.


6) Take the final check-ride and get your license

The final flight examination (FAA practical) will test the candidates for the maneuverer among other drills and such things. This is the final test between you and your private pilot license. Make sure you excel in the same.

If you go with the suggested steps, you’ll see that the process is easier than what it looks. Just prepare well!