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Given the number of people quite keen on becoming private as well as commercial pilots, there is quite a high demand for flight instructors in the market. Surely, it is good time for anyone to join a program to become a flight instructor. But of course, the training part will be different for you and so will be the requirements to get the job because you will have to be ready to train others about how to fly. And, we are here to tell you how:

1) The Key Eligibility Requirements

The basic requirements remain the same. The applicant must be a minimum of 18 years of age with a good command of written as well as spoken English. Also, he/she must hold a commercial pilot certificate or an airline transport pilot certificate (ATP certificate).


2) Get An Update On Your Medical Certificate

To begin flight instructor training, you must hold at least a commercial pilot certificate. There are high chances that you’ll already have a 3rd class medical certificate that has been validated as aviation medical certificate. However, as a flight instructor it isn’t necessary for you to have the medical certificate as you will be just assisting the flights and teaching the trainees but still it is better that you hold one.

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3) The FAA Written Exam And FOI

For a CFI certificate, you will have to clear the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) exam and also the FAA exam. The FOI covers all the topics related to aviation teaching and the written examination covers every topic that needs to be dealt with in the course of pilot training and teaching.

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4) Now It Is Time To Be On The Other Side Of The Desk

You are preparing for becoming the teacher which means that you will have to start preparing for the lessons that you’ll be giving. You should try your level best to make things interesting, help your students understand the topic better, and how to apply that in real life. You will have to become the mentor that your students need. Preparing well is the way to go.

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5) Practice Instructing

Now at this stage you will be trained by highly experienced instructors who will help you gain control over different maneuverer as per the PTI standards. The final step is to take the final checkride and prove it for once and for all, your competence and command over the handling of the aircraft of your choice. Just prepare well to make the first great impression.

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